Monday, August 9, 2010

Saddle Making In The Shop!

 Howdy all,
So heres how we do it at Dusty Chaps Leather.
It all starts with a custom saddle tree. (thats the wood part under the leather)

The Start of The Vaquero Saddle
Then comes the magic !

We start doing our thing. Just watch.

The ground seat is in and the horn is covered. The gullet cover is in place.
(thats the under side of the fork)

The Swell is covered and the horn edged off.
Looking good Right?

The Cantle is done and look at those pretty Horses!
The back Jockeys are all but done.

(Cantle the back part of the seat you got it)

(Jockeys are the back cover going behind the cantle)

Josh Saddle Maker

We dont let him do all the work ha ha. 
Custom Carving
Fender one is all done!

Both Fenders on the vaquero saddle
How's That? Now there both done.

watch your fingers

Ok folks this is the hard part getting that seat fit on there just right!

Seat layout for carving
Seat Layout 
Ok so we have started the layout process. 
And we are starting the carving/stamping .

All Drawings are Custom

The seat is carved and stamped pretty sweet right?

Looking pretty good at this point!


So here it is the all done and ready to ride, Yepy ye haw.

She loves it, No one loves it like her. 

Adios for now!

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